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Postcard and Photography Related Books

A little info on some postcard and photography related books you might want to have in your research library.  Two of the books I use the most are: "The Postcard Price Guide" by J.L. Mashburn (4th Edition) and another book titled: "The Encyclopedia of Antique Postcards" by Susan Brown Nicholson (1994).  The Nicholson book is out of print but I have a few copies to sell from our shop so please email me from the contact button in the left column if you are interested.
  The Nicholson book is a more in-depth look at some of the important artists and the postcards they created.  The Mashburn book covers Artists and Topics.  It covers a much broader selection of nearly anything you can think of with many prices, series numbers and publishers.  Of course, it doesn't list them all but the book is one of the more thorough books on the market.  Again, these are books that I personally own and use on a daily basis.  I feel that both of these books are good for people who might just be starting out in postcards and are trying to determine postcard values.  There was a secondary book done by Mashburn which lists Artists alphabetically.  It isn't a book on topics, just artists.  This is a good book if you already know who the artist of a card as you can just look it up that way instead of trying to wade though all of the topics.  I use it as a an extra resource tool from the other Mashburn book.  It is also newer and so some of the prices are updated.

I also own two other books by Mashburn.  One is on Sports related postcards and the other is on Black postcards.  When you buy the Black postcard book make sure it is the newest edition (1999).  He also did a book on Fantasy related postcards (not shown here) but can be found by searching below. These five books I have listed above are books that I own and have enjoyed using.  I'm sure as you become more advanced in your collecting you will find yourself branching out as your interests expand and might also find yourself immersed in researching cards in your collection.  Enjoy and happy collecting !

If you have any
questions about a recommendation about a postcard or photography related book please let me know.  I have a number of books that are out of print that I would recommend.  I am also interested in any comments about anything here so feel free to drop me a note.

Best wishes,  Nathan Huegel

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I have created a page with a little history about postcards and postcard collecting.  
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