Old Post Office Postcards
Nebraska Postcards: Chapman, NE

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chapman_ne_mechurch.jpg (37929 bytes)

(1) Real Photo.

Methodist Episcopal Church and Chicago Lumber
Yard.  Card was mailed to a Miss. Mary Lubens
in Richland, NE in 1909.  Image is sharp in
focus.  Good condition.
$30 ($24)

chapman_ne_bev.jpg (44971 bytes)

(2) Real Photo.
Birdseye View down main street.  Mailed in 1910 to a
Miss Evan Lee in Cayuga, ND.  Sharp focus.  Good condition.
$35 ($28)

chapman_ne_schoolhouse.jpg (43555 bytes)

(3) Real Photo.

School House.  Card was mailed to a Miss Agnes 
Musikk in Prague, NE in 1907.  Sharp focus.  Good condition.

$20 ($16)