Old Post Office Postcards
Nebraska Postcards:
  Crete, NE
Saline County

discounted prices in parantheses






crete_ne_blueriver_boat.jpg (34919 bytes)

(1) Real Photo.  Boat on the Blue River.

Card was never mailed but stamp is
affixed to back.  c1907.  Small cabins or
tents in the distance.  Boat is blurry, no
bends or creases.  $6 ($5)

crete_ne_multiview_rppc.jpg (59175 bytes)

(2) Real Photo.  Multiview, 7 Views.  Card was mailed in 1914.  Tiny bend lower left, no creases.  $24 ($19)

crete_ne_northschool.jpg (35349 bytes)

(3) Real Photo.  North School.  Good focus

and contrast.  Card mailed in 1910.
$18 ($14) SOLD


crete_ne_mainstsouth.jpg (39452 bytes)

(4) Real Photo. East Side Main Street looking South.   Great photo with excellent detail.  Card was mailed c1908.  Very good focus and contrast.  No creases, tiny bend lower left.  Photo by Olson, Plattsmouth.
$45 ($36)


crete_ne_mainstreet_icewagon.jpg (36934 bytes)

(5) Real Photo.  Main Street.  Card was

mailed in 1908.  Lots of bunting, flags and
people.  Blue River Ice Delivery wagon down
the street.  Sign for Crete Beer and a
Saloon sign.  Good focus, fair contrast.  No
creases or bends.  Some soiling and surface
wear.  $39 ($31)

crete_ne_swimmingpool.jpg (56698 bytes)

(6) Real Photo.  Crete Swimming Pool.  Card has message on back dated 1921, never mailed.  No creases or bends, sharp focus.  
$24 ($19) 

crete_ne_residencestreet_olson.jpg (40360 bytes)

(7) Real Photo.  A Residence Street c1907.
Card was never mailed, undivided back.
Photo by Olson.  No creases or bends.
Fair focus and contrast.  $19 ($15)

crete_ne_horkeysparkroad.jpg (65895 bytes)

(8) Real Photo.  Road from Horkey's Park.  Numbered 10.  c1920s.   Card was never mailed.
$7 ($6)

crete_ne_horkeyspark_cabins.jpg (66790 bytes)

(9) Real Photo.  Cabins Horkey's Park.

Numbered 22.  Card was mailed in 1923.  Light
bend lower right.  Good focus, fair contrast.
$16 ($12)

crete_ne_horkeysparkcabin.jpg (55940 bytes)

(10) Real Photo.  Cabin Horkey's Park c1920s.  Numbered 7.  Card was never mailed.  Soiling, stains, impression at center or card.  $15 ($12)

crete_ne_vaviaspark.jpg (48844 bytes)

(11) Real Photo.  Vavias Park c1910.  Card

was mailed in 1913.  Good focus and contrast.
No creases or bends.  $18 ($14)

crete_ne_highschool_1910.jpg (52704 bytes)

(12) Real Photo.  High School.  Card was mailed in 1908.  Good focus and contrast.  No bends or creases.  $10.00 ($9) SOLD

crete_ne_congchurch.jpg (55015 bytes)

(13) Real Photo.  Congregational Church

card was mailed in 1921.  Bends at right
corners.  Good focus, dark contrast.
$8.50 ($7.50)

crete_ne_cystallake.jpg (44954 bytes)

(14) Real Photo.  A view of Crystal Lake.  Photo by Olson c1908.   Card was mailed.  No creases or bends.  $7 ($6)