Old Post Office Postcards

Nebraska Postcards: Dakota City, NE
Dakota County

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(1) Real Photo. 

Public School.  AZO stamp box c1907-1918.  
Card was never mailed. Sharp focus, good condition with light wear.  
$17 ($13.50)  SOLD

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(2) Real Photo. 

M.E. Church.  Photo by A.E. Hanna, Blair, NE.  Card was never mailed. Good focus and contrast, light wear. $16 ($12.50)  

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(3) Real Photo. 

Oldest Church in Use In Nebr. Lutheran 
Church, Dakota City, Nebr.
  Although you 
cannot read all of the lettering on the front I have had another example of this card which identified it as Dakota City.  Photo by A.E. Hanna, Blair, NE.  Card was never mailed.   Sharp focus, light wear.  
$18 ($14.50)   

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(4) Real Photo.
City Hotel c1910.  Never mailed.
Sharp focus and good contrast.
$29 ($24) 
$29 ($24)  SOLD