Old Post Office Postcards
Nebraska Postcards: Deshler, NE
Thayer County

discounted prices in parantheses




deshler_ne_evlutheranchurch.jpg (35416 bytes)

(1) Real Photo. 
Ev. Lutheran Church.  Mailed 1917, photo is
c1910.  Good condition.  Sharp focus.

$15 ($12) SOLD

deshler_ne_luthhighschool.jpg (40554 bytes)

(2) Real Photo.
Lutheran High School and Business College.
Mailed in 1915 image appears to have taken
after construction was just finished.  Good

$15 ($12) SOLD

deshler_ne_ladiesinrow.jpg (41330 bytes)

(3) Real Photo.
Young women in front of store at Deshler.
Card mailed in 1912.  Good

$15 ($12) SOLD

deshler_ne_no9paradefloat.jpg (59821 bytes)

(4) Real Photo.
Parade float at Deshler, NE.  I believe this is from the parade on July 4th, 1912.  Mailed, date illegible.  Good condition, sharp focus.

$30 ($24) SOLD

deshler_ne_publicschool.jpg (51856 bytes)

(5) Real Photo.

Deshler Public School nearing completion of
construction.  Mailed.  Good

$15 ($12)  SOLD

deshler_ne_playingfarm.jpg (57942 bytes)

(6) Real Photo.
Relatives of newspaper owners at Deshler, NE.
Card never mailed.  Names on back.

$5.50 ($5)  SOLD

deshler_ne_108residencestreet.jpg (44615 bytes)

(7) Real Photo.
Deshler, NE.  Residential Street.  Attributed to
Olson Photo Co.  Writing on back.  Rough
condition.  SOLD

$12 ($10.50) as is

deshler_ne_kids_paintadvt.jpg (52699 bytes)

(8) Real Photo.
Children downtown Deshler, NE near a hardware store.  Card was never mailed.  c1915.  Good condition.  SOLD

$18 ($14) 

deshler_ne_groupofpeople.jpg (48791 bytes)

(9) Real Photo.
Deshler, NE. Lots of signs on businesses.  
Electric Theatre and Rustler office on left.   
Large gathering appears to be a carnival as
there is a trapeze set up in street.  Card was
mailed in 1913.  Sharp focus.  SOLD

$30 ($24)

deshler_ne_july4parade.jpg (57624 bytes)

(10) Real Photo.
July 4th Parade.  Very Patriotic floats and displays.  Card was never mailed.  Good condition.   SOLD

$30 ($25)