Old Post Office Postcards
Nebraska Postcards: Exeter, NE

discounted prices in parantheses


exeter_ne_mainstreephoto.jpg (62455 bytes)

(1) Real Photo.

Main Street c1920.  Unmailed.
Sharp focus and good contrast.
$42 ($33) 

exeter_ne_publicschool.jpg (60401 bytes)

(2) Real Photo.

Public School c1915.  Mailed.
Rough condition.
$6.50 ($5.50)

exeter_ne_publicschool2.jpg (64511 bytes)

(3) Real Photo.

Public School c1915.  Unmailed.
Sharp focus and good contrast.
Fair Condition.
$10 ($9).

exeter_ne_smithtagfactory.jpg (51263 bytes)

(4) Real Photo.
Smith's Tag Factory c1910.  Unmailed.
Sharp focus and good contrast.
Fair condition.
$18 ($14) SOLD

exeter_ne_residstreet22.jpg (55291 bytes)

(5) Real Photo.

A Residence Section c1908.
Mailed.  Sharp focus, contrast
a little dark.  Good condition.
$25 ($22) SOLD

exeter_ne_mechurchphoto.jpg (39594 bytes)

(6) Real Photo.

M.E. Church c1907.  Mailed.
Sharp focus, contrast light.
Good condition.
$10 ($9)

exeter_ne_photomoutnschool.jpg (68649 bytes)

(7) Real Photo. (photo mount)

Old High School c1910.  Mailed.
Sharp focus, good contrast.
$14 ($12)

exeter_ne_smithresid.jpg (73836 bytes)

(8) Real Photo. 
Smith's Residence.  Mailed in 1914.
Good condition.  Sharp focus, dark contrast.
$15 ($12)

exeter_ne_rollermills.jpg (54586 bytes)

(9) Litho.
Exeter Roller Mills c1909.
Mailed.  Surface peel front and back
(stamps removed).  Fair condition.
$9.50 ($8.50)

exeter_ne_fire1907.jpg (47932 bytes)

(10) Litho.
After the Fire at Exeter, Aug. 22, 1907.
Mailed.  Age toning, fair condition.
$14 ($12) 

exeter_ne_rrpark.jpg (36041 bytes)

(11) Real Photo.
Park, Exeter, NE.  I believe this is next to the
Railroad Depot.  Card was mailed in 1911.
Red marks on front.  Good focus and contrast.
No bends or creases.
$18 ($14) SOLD

exeter_ne_mainstreetsouth48.jpg (41224 bytes)

(12) Real Photo.
Exeter, NE.  Main Street looking South #48.
Dirt street.  Never mailed.  Fair condition.  Very light bend horizontally from left to right.  Does not detract from image.
$35 ($28)