Old Post Office Postcards

Nebraska Postcards: Homer, NE

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homer_ne_flood1.jpg (60595 bytes)

(1) Real Photo.  
The following cards are by the same photographer.  
All are unused and dated June 6th, 1940 on the front. 
No creases or bends on any of them. Image focus 
is very sharp with good contrast. AZO stamp box. 
Cards are slightly smaller vertically than a standard 
card of the same period.
$29 ($24) SOLD

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(2) Real Photo.  $19 ($15)

homer_ne_flood3.jpg (43602 bytes)

(3) Real Photo.  $19 ($15)
homer_ne_flood9.jpg (52364 bytes)

(4) Real Photo.  $32 ($25)