Old Post Office Postcards
Nebraska Postcards: Wymore, NE
Gage County


wymore_neb_baptistchurch.jpg (55012 bytes)

(1) Real Photo. 

First Baptist Church.
Mailed in 1916-message on back.  Very
sharp image with good contrast. 
$18 ($14)

wymore_neb_hoteltouzalin.jpg (79422 bytes)

(2) Real Photo. 

Hotel Touzalin.  Mailed in 1910.
Very sharp with good contrast.  
$24 ($19)

wymore_neb_taylorblk.jpg (54634 bytes)

(3) Real Photo. 

Kauffman Taylor Block.
Card was never mailed.  c1910.  Bank on
corner.  $34 ($27) SOLD

wymore_neb_hoteltouzalin2.jpg (44717 bytes)

(4) Real Photo. 
Hotel Touzalin.  Card was never mailed c1910.  
$19 ($15) SOLD


wymore_neb_milldam.jpg (69303 bytes)

(5) Litho. 

Mill and Mill Dam c1910.  Card
mailed in 1913.  Some creasing left side of
card.  $9 ($8) SOLD

wymore_bluesprings_quarry.jpg (52537 bytes)

(6) Litho. 

Card doesn't have stamp box or say postcard any where.  Quarrying Section in the C.H. Davis Quarries Near Blue Springs and Wymore, NE. (above).  Other side shows G.H. Davis Crusher on Burlington and Union Pacific.
$28 ($19).

wymore_neb_lighting.jpg (42071 bytes)

(7) Real Photo. 
Brick Yard.  Struck by
Lightning June 1908.  Not sure if this is
Wymore or Endicott, NE.  
$29 ($23).  SOLD
wymore_ne_mechurch.jpg (68094 bytes)

(8) Real Photo
Methodist Episcopal Church and some homes at Wymore, NE around 1909.  Image has good focus and contrast. Never mailed.  $15 ($12) SOLD